Code Berkeley

Code Berkeley is the first state-funded Technology Bootcamp in California… We think that is a pretty big deal!

Our curriculum helps students develop strengths with  Front End Development, Full Stack Development, UX Design, Interactive Design, Social Media, Visual Programming, E-Commerce, Project Development, and Internet Marketing.  Course offerings are available online and in the classroom.

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Where Can You Go?

Code Berkeley alumni have received positions at top tech companies like Apple and Tesla, created their own successful start ups, and have access to a portfolio of internship opportunities. Code Berkeley’s board of directors includes executives working at Google, Adobe, SkyCatch,  and many other leading organizations within the Silicon Valley.

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Enrollment Fees

We provide the same skills, experiences, and opportunities as private Bootcamps without the heavy debt.

The expensive Private Bootcamps can be higher than $20,000 for a quick survey of the necessary tools. The Cost of Code Berkeley begins at $148 per course with 10 courses estimated over 18 months. Inquire about additional scholarships and funding.

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Set Up a Tour

We are located at 2050 Center Street in Berkeley, California. Code Berkeley is a new strand in the Multimedia Department of Berkeley City College.

Contact us to discuss your previous experience and future career goals!! We are happy to meet, provide a tour of our facilities, or send you invites for our upcoming events.

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About Code Berkeley

Code Berkeley is on the leading edge of the digital revolution.

Students become quickly immersed and aware of the technological revolution in the bay area, developing the technological and business skills to become Front-End Web Designers, UI/UX Designers, and Start-Up Entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Us

  • Proven Path of Success
  • NO DEBT from learning
  • Diverse Study Body
  • Accessible location via Bart
  • Gain an Accredited Certificate

From the Mag

Inline vs Block Element

Inline Element + CSS Style Sheet An Inline Element will make changes within the same line. The SPAN element is an inline element.  In the example below: Three words are given inline CSS Style and the style changes are displayed on the given line.